Its been sometime sine the last blog but we have been quite busy with bookings at the house, school groups at the farm, Alpaca Treks and lambing our small flock of Swaledale Ewes to our new Teeswater Tup.

We weren’t too sure what results we would get as he was only a lamb last November when he arrived from Nidderdale and we did wonder if he might not ‘quite hit it off’ with some of his girls but no – 100% success!!  Some really big strong Masham lambs are now running and jumping in the paddock.

The Geese have laid well again this season and are still laying (you really can’t beat goose eggs for baking and omelettes).  We might try and get hold of some Waterglass/Issinglass for preserving some for use later in the year.

The Green Tourism Team have awarded us Silver for our hard work in conserving resources, encouraging recycling, promoting ‘local’ and ‘slow travel’ 🙂  We are so proud and can’t wait to put up the plaque when it arrives!

Cath x

We are only a small community in the Parish of Melbecks but I think, on the whole, we work pretty well together.

2017 went out with a bang and a crash in the village with 2 separate accidents on the last Saturday of the year.  Hazel Brow house guests were first on the scene at accident number one and kindly assisted until the arrival of the air ambulance.  Accident number 2 caused some traffic disruption and demolished some walls but thankfully no injuries and, once again, everyone worked together to ensure things got back to normal as soon as possible.

On the brighter side, we had a great Christmas party in the village hall, have got safely through our first snow and ice and are to ready to celebrate a 90th birthday in the village next week!  And to put the icing on the cake (which we will be doing anyway!) our neighbours Bob and Rachel presented us with an amazing watercolour of Hazel Brow House – WOW!  Lost for words!  Its going off to get framed as I type and will be in pride of place in Hazel Brow very soon.

Cath x