With all our hard work being directed towards planning applications for further development at Hazel Brow House and Visitor Centre, we’ve not blogged for sometime. But, with the National Parks firmly on our minds we thought we’d continue with some of the recent celebrations inspired by our magnificent night skies.

The National Parks have just finished celebrating their fifth annual Dark Skies Festival. We signed the pledge and are joining the campaign to help make the Yorkshire Dales an International Dark Sky Reserve, to recognise the exceptional nature of our night sky and protect it from further light pollution. Take a look at our Stargazing page.

But, just because the festival is over, doesn’t mean to say there isn’t still plenty going on.

Malham Tarn are holding an event on the 14th March where you’ll be able to take a look at the night sky and take “A Ramble Through The Solar System” with an expert. Bring your torch and binoculars.

Or, if you’d like to gain some new skills whilst holidaying in the Yorkshire Dales, why not embrace the dark on this night navigation course. “The ability to navigate in the dark or poor visibility is a great skill to have. Whether on a mountain, bridleway, footpath or Moor, the ability to know where you have been, where you are and where you are going is fundamental”. Multiple dates available.

Kilnsey Trekking Centre are also continuing the celebrations, launching their full moon horseback rides, creating a “peaceful, magical and a unique experience! Mount up as the sun sets and the moon rises. Follow the lead of an experienced guide through the moon lit woodlands and riverbank to see the Yorkshire Dales National Park in a luminescent glow”.. If you’d like to take the alpacas at Hazel Brow for a moonlight walk during your stay then please let us know.

We’ve also been Inspired by the Dark Skies Festival and have been busy extending the patio. We now have a fantastic setting to place our PERMANENT HOT TUB, (still a little landscaping to do but were so pleased with the results, thanks Johnathan :-).


So………if gazing the night sky by horseback isn’t quite your thing, or you’d like to reflect on your new found navigation skills and knowledge of our solar system, in the warmth and comfort of your own holiday home whilst still being able to admire the spectacular night sky, we’ve got you covered!